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  • The Importance of Play in the Contexts of Relationships in Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood Classrooms

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    A recent article in The Atlantic (Christakis, 2016) lamented the overemphasis on academics that characterizes much of early childhood education today, noting that the preschool and kindergarten years serve more as gatekeepers than supporters and “welcoming mats” to the elementary school years, particularly for children at risk.  Indeed, the first five years of a child’s… Read More ▶

  • The Importance of Promoting Diversity in Early Childhood Programs

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    Diversity and its Importance in Early Childhood The concept of diversity takes various forms and is incorporated into many aspects of our life. From religion, gender, culture, family structures, and physical abilities, we are each brought into this world made up of many differences. For years we have thought that children will automatically form positive… Read More ▶