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  • Risk and resiliency: Failure to Thrive in the First Year of Life

    Reprinted from July-September 1997 issue Carol Oleksiak, Thomas M. Horner, Ph.D. Intervention: Carol Oleksiak Terry was referred to an infant mental health program located in an urban community because a children’s hospital social worker was concerned about his poor weight gain. Although he weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces when he was born at 33 weeks,… Read More ▶

  • Therapeutic Presence: The Critical Component in Providing Relationship-Based Services Via Telehealth

    Jennifer Deschryver article image

    COVID-19 has dramatically shifted how we provide clinical and supervisory services to families and mental health practitioners.  Home- and office-based in-person meetings have been replaced with video and telephone calls.  Never before has the idea of “how we are is as important as what we do” in our clinical work been so important to remember… Read More ▶