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  • The Intentionality of Diversity: Reflections on the 2017 MI-AIMH Biennial Conference

    Rogers, Andrea, picture copy

    This past May we celebrated the 40th anniversary of MI-AIMH at the 2017 MI-AIMH Biennial Conference in Kalamazoo. The conference title, “Integrating Mindfulness and Diversity in Practice: Nurturing Authentic Relationships with Infants, Young Children and Families,” included two buzzwords: “mindfulness” and “diversity.” These two words don’t always invoke positive feelings in me; I might even… Read More ▶

  • Keeping the Therapist in Mind: Examining Diversity in the Reflective Process

    Grandmother with daughter and granddaughter

    INTRODUCTION Relationships are complex, as they form the foundation in regulating emotions and managing life’s stressors (Stroud, 2010; Weatherston & Tableman, 2015).  Within the working relationship of the clinician and the client, each brings their own set of histories, culture, and realities that influence the shaping of their lives. Nevertheless, in many instances, there is… Read More ▶