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  • Commentary: All at Sea: A Case Discussion

    Mum's little boy

    Jan Proudfoot has given us a great gift – the affirmation of the power of relationship to affect growth and change through the story of a new mother struggling to respond to her baby who she described as strong willed, inconsolable, difficult to feed and unresponsive to people or playthings. Jan’s initial response to the… Read More ▶

  • Musings on the work of Erna Furman: Supervising and “Being Felt With”


    Originally published in the April/May 2005 Infant Crier, this article has been reprinted in MI-AIMH’s recent publication, Reflections from the Field: Celebrating 40 Years, Volume I (2017). To begin, I must confess to limited knowledge of the highly respected work of Erna Furman. Her wonderful writings about the lives of toddlers emerged from her psychoanalytic… Read More ▶